Cutscene Interrupt
Cutscenes that make the game harder by interrupting you.

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A Videogame Trope. This is that thing where a suddenly-triggered cutscene can hinder or outright kill you because of the way the game handles the transition. Even games that avert this can have Cutscene Interrupts simply because they jar you out of the 'zone' or interrupt your train of thought - but that aspect is pretty YMMW.

What is not subjective is cases where cutscenes can ruin your day by:
  • Interrupting you in the middle of a long combo, forcing you to start over.
  • Pulls you out of Super Mode, potentially wasting your moment of glory.
  • Stops you in midair if you're jumping - potentially causing death by Bottomless Pit.
  • Stops you in your tracks while running, preventing you from launching a powerful Running Attack.
  • Interrupts a just-launched Limit Break attack - without refunding the energy that went into it.
  • Doesn't interrupt you in any way, but moves your targets around, leaving a Limit Break to whiff, or you to charge headfirst into a solid wall.

...or similar.

Bosses are particularly prone to getting a difficulty-hike from Cutscene Interrupt, since they often need to pause for exposition or transformation to One-Winged Angel when you get 'em down to half health or thereabouts - but a Mook Debut Cutscene can do the job just as well.

  • Koei's Dynasty Warriors series (and spinoffs) are prone to this, due to numerous cutscenes leaping into the action to show you strategic changes to the battlefield, introduce a new officer, or whatnot. Virtually every variation mentioned above can be found in one 'Warriors' game or another.

...I know I've run into this in several other places, and I could probably find some of 'em if I start going back through my archives. The real question is, does this even qualify as a trope?
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