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Characters that are notably different with friends
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"Eros will have naked bodies;
Friendship naked personalities. "

Above before friendship thye can barely talk. Below when the magic of friendship unfolds

So you happen to know this character this charcter maybe he/she acts stoic,Agressive, happy and positive, shy, cold} etc .

That is until they eran their friendship and their trust. Turns out that ther behavior was simply a facade and thanks to The Power of Friendship they feel comfortable being their true selves with their loved ones.

For instance aLibby that is initially believed to be a Jerk is revealed to be Jerk with a Heart of Gold that only acted meand and snobbish inorder to be accepted.

To qualify, the difference needs to be either particularly dramatic and/or commented on in story and relevant to the plot or characterization.


Manga and anime
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Mami reveals her emotionally fragile side when she and Madoka become friends.
  • Negi from Mahou Sensei Negima!. He acts very mature, stoic and formal around his students, but around his friends like Anya and Kotaro, he is more informal and childish.

Live Action Tv
  • In one episode of Friends Monica gets introduced to Work!Chandler, who is a quite different person than regular Chandler.
  • We always called this character "The Eddie Haskell" growing up. Y'know...The kid who was a troublemaking Jerkass when the parents weren't around, but as soon as the adults showed up, it was all, "Why, hello there, Mr. Cleaver! Mrs. Cleaver! My, what a lovely day we're having!"
western Animation
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Fluttershy could barely say her name before being friends with twilight. when they became friends , she acted more confident with her.She even has showed a more assertive side of herself when she is with friends.
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