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Intimate Marks
A character has clothes, tattoos or birthmarks which are displayed on their rear, bust or other.
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Deral: I was admiring... your markings. Are they decorative?
LCDR. Jadzia Dax: No. Are yours?
Deral: No. If you don't mind me asking... how far down do they go?
Jadzia: All the way.
DS 9: "Meridian"

This trope is about characters with some sort of writing, markings, symbols or pictures on their naughtier bits, whether written on their clothes or displayed on their bare skin. This is often used as a tactic to deliberately draw attention to the said area, especially if paired with Male Gaze, Female Gaze, or clothing such as bikinis or thongs. Some clothes designers intentionally put their logo here, or sell clothes with attention-grabbing marks as an advertising gimmick. ("Snorg Tees" is particularly egregious about this.)

For the purposes of this trope, the qualifying areas are the chest (on women), the crotch and inner thigh, and the buttocks. Marks found on other areas, such as shapely legs, bared midriffs or a Sexy Back do not count. Marks just shy of these areas (just above the breast, buttocks, or crotch) are passable, though.

Some examples may overlap with Embarrassing Tattoo. Can also overlap with Brought to You by the Letter "S" and Chest Insignia, if the insignia is somewhere that you shouldn't be looking for more than a second. See also Tattoo as Character Type.

This page is not for how awesome, sexy, or cute said character's breasts, butt or other body part is. This is merely a catalog of said characters or examples of the trope in media.


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    Advertising & Branding 
  • The t-shirts at the bar and grill chain Hooters deliberately invoke this trope in order to sell food and beverages.
  • Snorg Tees abuses this in all of its online advertisements, combined with Girl Gamer to really drive the boys crazy.

    Anime & Manga 
  • Bratty Half-Pint Sarah in Love Hina has a birthmark on her read end she's extremely embarrassed about. Once Keitaro finds out, he's able to blackmail her into behaving a little better.
  • In Bleach, Rangiku Matsumoto puts her Power Limiter marking right on the inside of her breasts, which is visible due to how low she keeps the opening of her robes.
  • Haruhi Suzumiya. Mikuru Asahina has a star shaped mole on her right breast. This even becomes a means for Mikuru to prove her identity to Kyon when he first meets her future self.
  • El Hazard. Both Ifurita and Kalia's activation modules are located directly above the cleft of their buttocks. Each must be inserted with a keystaff to turn them on, and is every bit as suggestive as it sounds.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Lust has her ouroboros mark just above her cleavage.
  • In Dragon Hunter, Seur-Chong threatens to spread around that a priestess has a mole on her breast if she refuses him payment (her own fault really, she's in the bath while negotiating with him).
  • City Hunter: One case involves a young woman being repeatedly harassed by men trying to see down her cleavage. Turns out they're not perverts (entirely), the woman they're looking for has a birthmark on one of her breasts.

    Comic Books 

    Film — Live-Action 
  • Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. Both Jabbles and Rage Kage have Birthmarks of Destiny on their hind quarters that spell out "Tenac" and "ious D" respectively. They take this as a sign to name their band Tenacious D.
  • In the movie Overboard with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, he is able to convince the doctors caring for her that he's her husband because he could describe a buttock tattoo he saw when she was wearing a thong bikini.
  • In The Court Jester, the The Rightful Heir (still an infant) has a Birthmark of Destiny on his butt. In the ending, the titular Jester, with the infant in his arms, lowers the swaddling clothes just far enough to reveal the birthmark, to a long line of nobles.
  • In the Italian movie Brancaleone at the Crusades, the King Raimondo has a huge birthmark on his butt, typical of his clan. His infant son had one too, but the group's witch Tiburzia accidentally washed the mark away with her sorcery.
  • I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry is about 2 firefighters who pretend to be gay and get married to get insurance benefits. The movie has a closeted homosexual who comes out to one of the protagonists. Later, when all the firefighters are in the shower, all the firefighters are scared of the 2 main characters. The closeted homosexual walks in and drops his soap. He bends over to reveal that "BAD ASS" is tattooed on his butt cheeks.
  • In the second The Naked Gun movie, a famous scientist is identified by a birthmark on his buttcheek. When a criminal disguises himself as the scientist, the main character yanks down the man's pants to expose him... only he grabbed the scientist and not the criminal.
  • In Vanilla Sky, Tom Cruise notices a mole between PenÚlope Cruz's breasts. It becomes a somewhat important plot point during the Mind Screw climax.
  • Although vehicles obviously don't have naughty bits, Sally from Cars has a "pinstriping tattoo" over her bumper, and she's very embarrassed when Lightning notices. Clearly a case of Getting Crap Past the Radar.
  • In Goldeneye, Bond is told he'll know the American agent he'll be working with on a mission, Jack Wade, from a distinctive tattoo he bears. The tattoo turns out to be the word 'Muffy' (the name of Jack's ex-wife) tattooed onto one of Jack's buttocks.
  • Porky's. Mrs. Ballbreaker sees one of the boys' penises when he sticks it through a peephole in the girls' shower room. She says that she can identify the penis by a mole on it, and insists that the principal let her examine all the boys in order to find the culprit. The principal refuses.
  • In an Imagine Spot in High Fidelity Rob imagines his ex-girlfriend Laura with a tattoo of the name of one of his romantic rivals on her ass at the panty line.

    Fairy Tales 
  • One fairy tale has a princess show a farm boy a trio of birthmarks, one on her ankle (a sun), knee (a cluster of stars), and upper thigh (a moon, of course) in exchange for a trio of simple favours. The king decrees that whoever knows the princess' secret will have her hand in marriage. The farm boy reveals these birthmarks, and weds the princess.

  • In the Sabina Kane series the mages all have a birthmark of an eight-pointed star, a symbol of the goddess Hekate, somewhere on their bodies. At one point in Red-Headed Stepchild Sabina accidentally walks in on mage Adam Lazarus as he's getting out of the shower and discovers that his is between his belly button and his groin. For her part, Sabina's is on her left shoulderblade.

    Live-Action TV 
  • NCIS
    • In the first season, to impress Abby, McGee gets a tattoo on his butt. It is never shown, but he reveals that it's "Mom."
    • Apparently, Abby talked Kate into getting a tattoo as well.
  • In Big Bang Theory Penny apparently has a Chinese character tattooed on her right buttock. It is either for "Courage" or "soup" depending on whether you believe her or Sheldon.
  • Cordelia from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel has a tattoo on her back, right directly above her rear. It's the actress's real tattoo, but we've seen it onscreen on the shows a few times.
  • In Scrubs, Elliot has mole on her butt, leading to the nickname "mole butt". It is first mentioned as part of an embarrassing story about using the restroom with roller skates on.
  • In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and later works in the Star Trek franchise, Trills have markings on their bodies that run from their neck down to their feet. A Running Gag in the series is that non-Trills would like to know "just how far the markings go". This was enforced over the Rubber-Forehead Aliens look used in TNG: "The Host" because the DS9 TV crew decided the TNG makeup made Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax) look ugly.
  • In one episode of That '70s Show, Eric's cousin comes to stay with them and constantly wears tight t-shirts with large logos over her breasts. She catches Eric looking at her breasts, and "innocently" mistakes it for him reading her t-shirt logo. This becomes a running gag throughout the episode. At the end of the episode, it turns out all the flirty behavior and sexy clothing was calculated to attract Eric as payback for a prank he'd played on her years ago.
  • 2 Broke Girls. Caroline's father's former mistress is writing a book about him, in which she claims among other things that he has a small penis. Caroline goes on Piers Morgan to defend her father (for the "among other things" part, not the small penis part - she refuses to discuss that). She also happens to have a photo of her father on her phone in which he is accidentally flashing the camera. Through a convoluted course of events Morgan sees the photo and immediately dismisses the mistress's story because Caroline's father's penis is quite healthy; if she's lying about that, she's most likely lying about the rest of it too.

  • In the video for "Weird Al" Yankovic's song "Tacky", Kirsten Schaal lives up to the title by wearing a top with hot pink handprints over the breasts.

  • In Cymbeline, Imogen, the heroine, has a mole under one of her breasts. Iachmo is able to falsely win a bet that he could seduce her, by spying on her while sleeping, and noting this distinguishing mark.
  • The Broadway musical Red Hot And Blue was about a lawyer's search for his long-lost childhood sweetheart. The only identifying feature he can remember about her is a posterior scarred from sitting on a waffle iron.


    Video Games 
  • Jinana from Digital Devil Saga has a Power Tattoo on her right buttock.
  • Final Fantasy XIII
  • In Legend of Legaia 2, characters known as "Mystics" have a Power Tattoo due to the presence of an elemental spirit (an "Origin") within them. At least one character refuses to identify the location of her mark; apparently it is somewhere embarrassing.
  • Zevran from Dragon Age: Origins insinuates that he has tattoos on parts of his body that he can't show in polite company that "accentuate the lines of the body". These tattoos are never actually seen and he only refers to them.
  • Mass Effect: Jack, a Tattooed Crook, is covered head to toe, almost completely, in ink. Accentuated by her Stripperific outfit in Mass Effect 2 which is just enough to leave you Nipple and Dimed.
  • In Jurassic Park: Trespasser, Anne has a heart-shaped tattoo on her breast that indicates her current health status. Since there is no HUD, the player has to actually look down to check the tattoo.

    Western Animation 
  • My Little Pony: A pony's cutie mark, which denotes its special talent, appears on the pony's flank.
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