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Durable Speedster

A character that is both tough and durable and fast enough to avoid attacks.

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As per the Lightning Bruiser TRS, this trope is intended to be one replacement for it.

You have the Mighty Glacier, who is durable and tough enough to take anything thrown at them, but is too slow to actually dodge. You have the Fragile Speedster, who is a moving target that can run circles around and dodge anything thrown at them, but are taken down easily when an attack finally does hit them. And then you have this trope, a character who is both durable and evasive.

Please limit examples to only those whose durability and evasion are explicitly stated in-universe or self-evident.


  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Sloth is not only one of the toughest Homunculi, he's also the fastest, able to move quicker than the eye can see. However, when he is moving that fast, he has trouble seeing his surroundings and therefore where he'll end up in a given burst of speed.
  • Superman, whenever the writers don't forget that he has Super Speed. Pretty much any Flying Brick character generally applies.
  • Halo's Spartan-IIs, at least in the fluff. Your average Spartan is proficient with all weapons, ridiculously strong, can shrug off terrible wounds, and has reflexes so fast they enter a Bullet Time-like state when in combat -- and that's without wearing their trademark Mjolnir Armor, which increases their strength and speed even more. In-game, however, Game Play And Story Segregation results in Spartan characters being Glass Cannons who move only slightly faster than regular humans and can only take a handful of shots before dying messily.
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