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Too Disgusting To Leave
A character is trapped somewhere they don't want to be by the urge to clean up a mess.
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A rather responsible, Super OCD Neat Freak character suddenly finds themselves in a disgusting place. What do they do? Stay until it's clean, even though they have absolutely no responsibility, advantage or even permission to do so. Just the very idea that a place so disgusting exists makes them gag, and nothing will make them feel better until it's been scrubbed to within an inch of it's life.

A particularly common situation in Anime involves one character finding themselves at their Love Interest's house, possibly against their will or better judgement, and upon fulfilling their purpose they are trapped much longer than intended because it's so disgusting that they find themselves cleaning it. For whatever reason, it's usually the male who cleans and the female who has the dirty space.

Compare Super OCD, Neat Freak.


Anime and Manga
  • Happens in Nodame Cantabile to Chiaki who initially hates Nodame. He's pretty anal retentive and Nodame is a slob, and this happens multiple times to him. Of course they both get together.
  • In Toradora! this happens to Ryuuji when he visits Taiga's house. And they get together as well.
  • In the Soul Eater manga (the gag is cut from the anime) Death The Kid is trapped in a cupboard full of unorganised medical supplies for this reason.
  • Happens in Neon Genesis Evangelion where Shinji cleans up Rei's apartment a little.
  • Arabe from Ore-sama Teacher has a ridiculous need to clean things, to the point that he puts a stop to his fight with Kurosaki to hang from a chandelier so he can clean it.

Live-Action TV
  • Not sure if this counts but Ross dates a girl with a messy apartment in Friends and finds it very hard to have sex in the mess. At the end of the episode Monica shows up at the girl's apartment offering to clean it for her.
  • An early episode of Big Bang Theory has Sheldon tidying Penny's apartment.
  • Fairly common in Monk. Mr. Monk has trouble restraining himself, even when it's a crime scene.

Web Comics
  • In Daisy Owl, Steve sees some tangled-up electronic cables in Mr. Owl's basement and tries to untangle them. "RUN BUDDY RUN GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN"
  • Sort of an odd version in Questionable Content. Hannelore cleans Marigold's epically messy apartment, but Faye arranged it as a 'payment' for her fixing Pintsize. See here.
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