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Similar to the Extreme Graphical Representation, Hollywood Hacking is when some sort of convoluted metaphor is not only used to describe hacking, but actually to put it into practise. Characters will come up with rubbish like "extinguish the firewall!" and "I'll use the Millennium Bug to launch an Overclocking Attack on the whole internet!" - even hacking light switches and electric razors.

  • The terrible Hackers; full of this...
  • The Demon Headmaster: the only thing preventing access to the Prime Minister's computer is a weak password, and to hack it, you just need to tell the computer "knock, knock" jokes. Apparently, it takes the combined power of the brightest minds in the country to figure this out.
  • Bioshock: want to hack into a robot, computer or even vending machine? Play "Pipe Dream"!
  • Mass Effect is even worse - just see [http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2007/11/14 This Penny Arcade Strip].
  • Uplink is meant as a parody of films such as Hackers, and so is chock full of this sort of thing.
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