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My name is Ceasar Aleaxander Bonaparte, the Fourth.

Ever notice villains and antiheroes tend to have at least one of the names of a world conqueror or two as part of theirs? A Naming Conventions thing. Common ones include: Alexander, Attila, Caesar, Darius, Julius, Khan, Napoleon, Magnus, Marc Antoni, Maximilian, etc etc etc.
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  • June 27, 2007
    The famous conqueror, Lord Bump.
  • June 27, 2007
    Lord Bump has conquered many message boards by "bumping" message that haven't been responded to. ; )

    Maximilian Pegasus - Yu-Gi-Oh Darius Stone - xXx 2 Xander Cage - xXx Augustus Gibbos - xXx 1 and 2 Julius No - Dr. No And then there's this list Darius
  • June 27, 2007
    Would probably be a nice subset of Names To Run Away From Really Fast, when somebody gets around to actually MAKING that one...
  • June 27, 2007
    Subverted by Agatha Christie in one of her novels (I can't say which because it'll spoil the whole thing) - a guy whose first names fit this pattern turns out not to be a murderer.
  • June 27, 2007
    Regarding Names To Run Away From Really Fast - is that an actual article or just a list of name-related tropes?
  • June 27, 2007
    Do we have any examples for this?

    Also, assuming I've missed a joke, who is Lord Bump?
  • June 27, 2007
    The only examples which come to mind for me are Hannibal Lecter and I believe the villain in Wild Wild West.