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A Ship To Call Home
The ship is fitted to look like a house
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So you've got a ship that's going to take you and the crew a long way from home for a long time. How do you keep hold of all your home comforts? Take them with you.

Whether the crew will just miss home, the captain was put-off by the plain aesthetic of other ships, the production couldn't afford to build a proper ship interior or it just looks nice, this ship looks like the sort of place one would want to live their lives in. It might not be the Starship Luxurious, but it's cozy and has all the mod-cons.

Not to be confused with Living Ship or Cool Ship.


Live-Action TV
  • The Tardis from Doctor Who is a borderline example. The Control Room is either clinical and science-y (old series) or strange and vaguely steam-punky (8th Doctor onwards). However, other parts have been shown to be more comfortable, such as the drawing room in the "TARDIS" adventure game which resembles a Victorian gentleman's study. In the series proper we also see that there's a swimming pool and art gallery. From time to time companions' bedrooms are show which tend to to be relatively homely and filled with personal effects.
  • On Top Gear, Clarkson once tried his hand at car renovation in a segment he called "Quaint My Ride," where he tried to make a luxury car more like a bungalow by adding wooden floors, a comfy chair, a wood-burning stove, and other things that really don't belong in a moving vehicle.

Web Original
  • In To Boldly Flee, The Nostalgia Critic's house is converted into the USS Exit Strategy (ie: they fitted it with sciencey stuff they stole from Dr Insano). Seeing this, General Zod decides they've got the right idea and orders Turrell to turn his spaceship into a house.

Western Animation
  • In the first Wallace & Gromit short, the duo build a rocket in their basement and decorate its cabin with wallpaper and comfy chairs.
  • Invader Zim's house is a spaceship.

Real Life
  • A Nimitz-class aircraft carrier is large enough to effectively function as a small floating city, including facilities like sports grounds and cinemas.
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