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Accessorized Nudity
A character wears accessories without clothing.
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A character's sexuality is emphasized by them wearing only accessories without the appropriate garments. It is done not to hide nudity, but instead to highlight it. A character has to be fairly confident and unashamed of their body to pull this look off. As such it's generally worn by The Vamp, the Femme Fatale, and other characters that use their sexuality as a weapon.

Generally, all actual the naughty bits are hidden from the screen by things like Scenery Censors, conveniently placed accessories, Godiva Hair, or body positioning.

Almost always female as there are more acceptable female accessories, but males occasionally wear only a tie or only a hat.

Subtropes include Naked Apron, Diamonds in the Buff. May include a Feather Boa Constrictor. Naked in Mink is related.



  • In the Forgotten Realms novel Masquerade, there is a boot maker who crafts boots that are so beautifully made that a noble woman attended a party in a pair of his boots, and nothing else.
  • During one story in Time Enough for Love after a long week of travel Lazarus Long and his wife take an "air bath" to remove some of the stank, wearing nothing but hats, boots and weapons belts.
  • In the novel Murder Must Advertise by Dorothy Sayers, Lord Peter Whimsey attends a masquerade party at a drug house while in pursuit of a murderer. The description of the scene includes couples disappearing into curtained rooms, people being thrown into a pool and one room that features a dancer wearing just a top hat and monocle.
  • In The Dresden Files, Justine at one point wears a present-style bow and nothing else.

Visual Arts
  • In Lucas Cranach's "Cupid Complaining To Venus," Venus is depicted nude (not unusual for classical goddesses in Renaissance works), but wearing a necklace and a decidedly un-Classical Nice Hat.
  • Edouard Manet's frequent model Victorine Meurent was usually depicted wearing a black ribbon around her neck, and in many paintings nothing else.

Western Animation
  • On Family Guy a neighbour family are all nudists, which means (in story) that they never wear clothes. In one episode Peter & Lois run into them at a KISS concert, where they're wearing KISS make-up but otherwise are still nude. The male of the nudist couple carries a guitar which just happens to cover his naughty bits; she uses Godiva Hair.
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