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Flash Back Bad Ass

A flashback scene or spinoff series confirms that yes, they were always this awesome

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Simply put, this trope is where a Bad Ass character known primarily as an adult gets a Flash Back scene to their childhood or teen years, and proves that they were indeed just as Bad Ass when they were kids. Another popular way to do this is with a spinoff series, usually titled something along the lines of "Young [Character Name Here]."

To qualify for this trope, three conditions must be met:

  • The character must be known first and foremost as an adult. This is not merely a trope for Bad Ass kids.
  • The flashback scene or spinoff series has to be original. It can be alluded to, but if it's a flashback to something we already saw in real time, it doesn't count.
  • It must go back to the character's formative years, i.e., childhood or teens.


  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade shows rough-'n-tumble Action Hero Indiana Jones fighting thugs, pulling off stunts, and recovering lost artifacts before he even hits high school.
  • The Young Bond series was this for everyone's favorite spy, James Bond.
  • A chapter of Naruto shows 13-year-old Kakashi not only as a jonin-level (highest rank) shinobi, but also soundly defeating bad guys twice his age and size. In a world where 12-year-olds are regularly trained for battle, Kakashi still manages to stand out.
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