Big Bad Brain
A villianous giant exposed brain
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An evil giant exposed brain, sometimes with some bits attached, but the bulk of it is basically a brain.

A sister-trope of Brain in a Jar, although of lot of these brains don't really need the jar life-support system, as well as the furthest extension of My Brain Is Big.

Very common in Video Games, less so in cinema, possibly because of the difficulty of making a non-ridiculous giant brain, particularly if it has to move about.




Video Games
  • Metroid's final boss, Mother Brain.
  • Golgo 13's final boss.
  • Playstation Spider's final boss.
  • Featured in Gradius, Gradius 3 and Gradius 5.
  • Life Force stage 1 boss.
  • Shinobi 3's final boss.
  • Star Fox 64's Andross becomes this.
  • Salamander's level 1 boss.
  • Alien Syndrome's level 1 boss (A big brain with bonus supplemental brain attached).
  • The final boss of Quake IV, the Nexus.
  • The first boss of Stinkoman 20X6 is the brain of the Humongous Mecha Stinkoman defeated in the opening cutscene.
  • The first Doom's final boss- the Spider Mastermind- was essentially a giant brain carried by a robot body.
  • There's a monster in Duke Nukem 3D that is basically a large brain.
  • The first X-COM game also features the Alien Brain on Mars as the Big Bad.

Western Animation
  • Big Brain (that's his name) from Fairly OddParents.
  • The Brain Spawn of Futurama.
  • The principal antagonist of the French film Gandahar, a/k/a Light Years, is a giant brain, made by the people of the utopian city of Gandahar as a prototype organic computer. When the superbrain didn't work out as planned, it was dumped in the ocean and forgotten. Interestingly, when the heroes first encounter this giant brain, it seems docile, and even gives the heroes the tool for its own destruction.

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