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Brain Monster
A monster that consists of mostly brain, or has its brain exposed
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The brain. A big, juicy, wrinkled organ on our head that is protected by the skull for a good reason. Now, imagine when it's not...

There are two types of this:
  • Just Brain: The brain moves around by itself. It might have some bits attached, such as legs, hovering jets or helicopter rudders, but its main "body" is a brain. Alternatively, it is stationary, and attached to something.
  • Acranial Monster: A monster that has its skull being incomplete, thus exposing their brain.

A sister-trope of Brain in a Jar, although of lot of these brains don't really need the jar life-support system, as well as the furthest extension of My Brain Is Big.

Subtrope of Evil Is Visceral and Body Horror, and thusly, is always played for Nausea Fuel.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • Several incarnations of Brain of The DCU — as the disembodied, preserved, sentient Brain in a Jar of a Mad Scientist. Together with his sentient gorilla servant/boyfriend Mallah, the two of them would go on to gather the Brotherhood of Evil.

  • Gor and Vol from The Brain from Planet Arous are aliens that resemble giant disembodied floating brains. The former wants to take over the universe, the latter wants to stop him.
  • The 1958 film Fiend Without A Face featured invisible monsters that when revealed are actually slimy crawling human brains. Said brains strangle victims with their spinal cords.
  • The 1988 film The Brain featured an alien that resembled a gigantic brain with a face as the titular monster.
  • In The Time Machine (2002), the Morlock leader is of a caste in which the brain has become so enlarged that it's not only visibly exposed on the back of his head, but its lobes extend halfway down his back as well.

  • Madeleine L'Engle's novel A Wrinkle in Time. The Big Bad IT is a huge disembodied brain. It has Mind Control abilities that involved making the victim think in repetitive patterns.
  • The Grand Lunar from H. G. Wells' work The First Men in the Moon is the ruler of the "Moonies," and rests in the throne room with his exposed brain taking up most of the cathedral-like ceiling space. There are lesser Moonies that hover around moistening this huge brain. The Grand Lunar is Lawful Neutral, but takes Doctor Cavor prisoner on the belief that humans are intelligent anarchists.
  • In Galactic Patrol, Mentor of Arisia is revealed to Kimball Kinnison to be (barring a few minor bits and appendages) "simply and solely a brain." Then in Second Stage Lensmen the Boskonian Prime Minister Fossten is revealed to be a nearly identical brain, explained by his being a renegade Arisian. Except that this was a false appearance in both cases, arranged by Mentor to hide from Kinnison that Fossten was really Gharlane of Eddore.

Live-Action TV
  • Farscape: The evil version of Crichton of the "My Three Crichtons" episode is the future version with the wrinkly head to show off his advanced brain lobes.
  • In an episode of Angel "That Vision Thing" Wolfram & Hart hire a psychic with an exposed brain to torture Cordilia, forcing Angel to release a soul from torment in return for stopping the torture.
  • In the Doctor Who episode "Evolution of the Daleks", Dalek Sec turns himself into a Dalek/Human hybrid, which has a large exposed brain.

Tabletop Games

Video Games
  • Metroid:
    • In Metroid the final boss, Mother Brain, is a massive brain in a tank, with a laser shooting eye. It's stated that it started off as an organic computer built by the Chozo, which took command of the Space Pirates.
    • In Super Metroid, Mother Brain reappears as the final boss this time as an "acranial" example, having gained a massive mechanised body.
  • Featured in Gradius, Gradius 3 and Gradius 5. ZCE
  • Life Force stage 1 boss. ZCE
  • Shinobi 3 final boss. ZCE
  • Star Fox 64 Andross becomes this. ZCE
  • Salamander level 1 boss. ZCE
  • Alien Syndrome's level 1 boss (A big brain with bonus supplemental brain attached).
  • The final boss of Quake IV, the Nexus. ZCE
  • The first boss of Stinkoman 20X6 is the brain of the Humongous Mecha Stinkoman defeated in the opening cutscene.
  • The first Doom final boss- the Spider Mastermind- was essentially a giant brain carried by a robot body.
    • Doom 2's final boss is the Icon of Sin, a giant skeletal goat face with an exposed brain as a weak point. It is only vulnerable to rockets, however.
  • One of Duke Nukem 3D's monsters is Octobrain, a large floating brain-like creature with tentacles hanging down beneath, 3 red eyes and a large mandibled mouth.
  • The first X-COM game also features the Alien Brain on Mars as the Big Bad.
  • The demon Omoikane from Shin Megami Tensei series isn't evil, but is a floating brain with tentacles nevertheless.
  • Metal Slug 3: Rootmars, the Final Boss, is an alien with a big exposed brain that serves as his weak point. Said brain can occasionally emit a shockwave that is hard to dodge.
  • The final boss of Vectorman 2 is a giant black widow spider with an exposed brain in her thorax. Sure enough, that exposed brain is her weak point.
  • The Lickers of Resident Evil are T-Virus zombies which have mutated further and have had their brain extend out of their cranium. Despite the (relative) boost in intelligence, they also become more bestial; crawling on all fours and attacking based on sound with an elongated tongue.
  • The Binding of Isaac has enemies that are large brains that crawl around the floor, leaving a trail of blood that damages you if you step on it. There's also an even larger variant that splits into two smaller ones when it dies.
  • The Mind Cripplers in Underworld Ascendant are floating humanoid brains that aggressively attack the unwary with psychic powers.

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • Big Brain (that's his name) from Fairly OddParents. ZCE
  • The Brain Spawn of Futurama are a race of giant, flying, telekinetic brains with the ability to telepathically drain the intelligence of animals, robots, and some plants. Their goal is to store all knowledge in the universe in a giant database, then destroy the universe so that no new knowledge will be generated, because apparently that's less work than making continual updates for all eternity.
  • The principal antagonist of the French film Gandahar, a/k/a Light Years, is a giant brain, made by the people of the utopian city of Gandahar as a prototype organic computer. When the superbrain didn't work out as planned, it was dumped in the ocean and forgotten. Interestingly, when the heroes first encounter this giant brain, it seems docile, and even gives the heroes the tool for its own destruction.
  • Krang, as seen in the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon has been reduced to a brain thanks to a judgment in his home dimension of Dimension X. He went through several iterations of armor to protect this squishy body until he reached a full robotic suit of armor.
  • Ben's Alien Brainsorm from Ben 10: Alien Force can open his head to reveal his oversized brain and shot electricity from it.
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