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Unknown expert

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There is a situation. Often something technical, and a bunch of experts are standing around scrathing their heads, completely befuddled. Then another person, usually a young child or a women, comes up and asks whats going on. The experts guffaw to them selves, what could this women possibly know, it might be a bit too complicated for you little missy." Then she explodes into a bunch of technobabble, and the experts jaws hit the floor. She stops and smiles, or flounces away. The experts look back at the problem, and are confounded, she was absolutly right.

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  • April 5, 2011
    • Astrid from Fringe, who after acting as Walter's gopher, babysitter and lab assistant, for most of the show, about half-way through is suddenly revealed to be a cryptogropher in an episode with codes, (though no one is especially surprised in-universe, just the audience because it's such a contrived convenience).