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Dare to Repeat That
Say that insult one, more, time, and a curbstomp shall ensue
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Could swear we had something for this already, but a quick Google search found nothing. First question - how tropable is this? In the meantime, any description help is still welcome.

What did you say? Call me that one more time....

A good way to know that you've found a character's Berserk Button is if they dare you to repeat a particular phrase.

This is a stock setup for a Fight Scene: They're trying to be polite as they imply that you just offended them, with clear undertones of a Thinly Veiled Threat; but if you cross that line....

Exactly what happens next depends on how Genre Savvy the offender is: A Genre Blind (willful or otherwise) character may simply take them up on the 'offer' and pay dearly for it as a result.

Either way, in most cases a fight will break out shortly.

Compare Penultimate Outburst, which applies to court trials. Not necessarily related to Stop Saying That!.



  • Hancock does not like being called an "asshole". When a member of a bank heist has bombs strapped to civilians and his hand on the detonator, Hancock calmly bears his insults while slowly (and calmly) fashioning a weapon. "Call me an 'asshole' ... one ... more ... time...."


  • In The Order of the Stick, after Vaarsuvius expends a number of Disintegrate spells trying to eliminate one imp, an ancient black dragon out to avenge its disintegrated child approaches from behind and taunts with "Say Disintegrate one more time, Vaarsuvius. For me."
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