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Fandom Slang
Slang used specifically by one fandom. Trivia.
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10/4/13 - Discarding, as it's been sitting here for almost a year, and I hadn't realized that it's almost the same as Fan Speak, which is now listed as being Not a Trope.


Might need a better name. Fanspeak? Fandom Speak? Other suggestions?

Description could also use some beefing up.

This would be a Trivia page when launched, and if there are enough examples, it may be split into sub-pages by media.


Fandom Slang is when a fandom has the tendency to use specific words and phrases that come from, or are inspired by, the work that they are fans of. It can be used in a regular conversation with other fans of the same work without sounding strange at all to either of them.

Compare Fan Nickname, which is when a fandom community creates nicknames for characters/etc, and Fan Community Nickname, which is a nickname for the fandom and the fans themselves. May tie in to Acronym and Abbreviation Overload as well.


Anime and Manga
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion fans use "Tang" to refer to the infamous beginning part of the ending sequence.
  • Pokémon fans have been seen to use 'Arceus' in place of 'God' in phrases.

  • Star Wars fans will often use "May the Force be with you" as a goodbye.

  • Warrior Cats fans use "Great StarClan!" or "Oh my StarClan" (OMSC for short), and "May StarClan light your path", as well as some of the series' Hold Your Hippogriffs words like "mouse-brained".
  • Fans of the Ratha series - and also the current publisher - sometimes use "May you eat of the haunch and sleep in the driest den", a greeting/farewell from the series.
  • Dinotopia fans often use the books' greeting (or use it as a sig) 'Breathe deep, seek peace'. Sometimes it's altered, like the canon Skybax riders' "Fly high, seek peace" or certain fan alterations.

Live-Action TV
  • Star Trek fans might use "Live long and prosper", the Vulcan greeting first seen in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Amok Time".
  • Some of Barney (from How I Met Your Mother fame)'s catch phrases are this, such as "It is known", "True Story", and even "suit up". And, of course, "LEGEND - wait for it - DARY".
  • For the Supernatural fandom, "kripke'd" is the opposite of jossed, and Chuck and Cas are both used in place of God. Also, while never said on the show, "Get the motherfucking salt" has become a catchphrase of the rather paranoid fandom.
  • Red Dwarf fans use "smeg" sometimes as a curse word.
  • Doctor Who fans occasionally use the terms "Sweet Rassilon" and "Oh my Gallifrey".

Video Games
  • "Pawesome" is a common word of approval among WolfQuest fans.

Web Games
  • Dragon Cave players use "LagCave" to refer to the site being laggy. "Eggspam" is when you post your eggs on the forum, trying to garner views/clicks.

Western Animation
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