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Win Her A Prize
Bob tries to get Alice a prize but can't seem to do it on the first try.
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A giant chicken. I must be the luckiest girl in the world.
--Raven, Teen Titans

It's a classic. Bob and Alice are at the carnival on a date...or not. They see one of those popular carnival games, and Alice starts eying one of the prizes, usually a stuffed animal. Bob realizes that he has a chance to prove how manly he is and give her a present at the same time. It's win win! The catch? The Rule of Drama says that Bob can't get it on the first try. There are four possible outcomes to this trope:

  1. Third Time's the Charm: It takes Bob at least three tries before he wins. Bonus points if Alice cheers him on.
  2. Epic Fail: Bob wastes all his money trying to win the prize. Alice just giggles, kisses him on the cheek, and thanks him for trying.
  3. She wins the prize: Bob tries and tries, but can't seem to get it. Alice gives it a shot and wins on the first try!
  4. The rival wins the prize for her: Oh, this is the lowest of the low. Bob tries to win it, then Dirk comes along and wins it for her!

There are other possible outcomes, but these are the most common.

Carnival games used for this trope are usually strength tests, which amplify the hope Bob has to prove his manliness (hey, that's actually a real word). Games of chance are sometimes used as well.

See also: Girls Love Stuffed Animals


  • Played for laughs in Despicable Me where Agnes wants a unicorn plushie they have on display. The girls try twice and fail - Agnes even hits the target once but was unable to knock it down. When Gru tries it, he takes out his laser blaster and blows up the stall. Agnes gets her unicorn.
  • Hot Fuzz: Nicholas uses his Improbable Aiming Skills with air rifles to win a large monkey for Danny.
  • In the movie Remember Me, the male lead ends up buying the stuffed animal for his girl. She thinks he cheated. He says he won.

Live-Action TV
  • In Lois and Clark when the title characters were "not on a date", Clark did this. Before you think he was being a jerk pretending to be weak, he was suffering the aftereffects of being exposed to kryptonite for the first time.
  • Played with and possibly invoked on an episode of the The Andy Griffith Show, Opie complains to Andy (who is both Opie's father and the local sheriff) that the carnival shooting gallery is rigged so Andy goes in undercover with Thelma Lou, pretending to be a local yokel trying to win a prize for his gal.

Video Games
  • During Shizune's Act 1 ending in Katawa Shoujo Hisao is "persuaded" by Misha and Shizune to try his luck at ball and bottle game at the Festival and tries to win the two girls a pair of stuffed cat dolls. He eventually wins one for Shizune but is forced to stop when his arrythmia acts up.

Western Animation
  • As the quote from Teen Titans indicates, Beast Boy won a prize for Raven in one episode. She was less then thrilled and discarded the prize at the first opportunity five seconds later. It wasn't romantic in really, it wasn't!
  • Olive Oyl has Popeye and Bluto win her prizes on various occasions.
  • Principal Skinner tries to win a prize for his Mother in one episode of The Simpsons.

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