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Let's Ploy Chicken
A character provokes one enemy to chase him and then heads straight at another enemy, swerving at the last moment so that the two enemies collide.
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The heroes are outnumbered and outgunned, and for whatever reason, they have no choice but to fight. But they're not strong enough to beat the enemy. Only the enemy is strong enough to beat the enemy. Idea Bulb.

In one version they provoke one of the mooks to chase them and then head straight at another mook and swerve, causing a head-on collision.

In a second version, the heroes trail a missile from the enemy and drag it in their wake and head straight for the enemy and swerve at the last sec and the enemy is Hoist by His Own Petard. Kaboom!.

In a third version, the heroes go to a threat outside the enemy faction and act as bait to draw it out, and then fly at the Big Bad and pull a sort of Bait and Switch Enemies to give each threat more than they bargained for. It's even better if they come around a corner or fly through a cloud. Often this threat is Chekov's bigger fish, because there's Always a Bigger Fish. If all goes well, it’s a case of killing two birds with no stone…



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  • In Galaxy Quest they flew the ship near the mine field and got them all on their tail and then headed straight towards Sarris' ship.
  • In Serenity the crew shoots a canon at the reavers to get them in a swarm behind them as they head for the alliance, resulting in an all out battle between the alliance and the reavers as the crew slips through the defenses.
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