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Basically, a counterpart to the Proud Warrior Race Guy with a focus on science, philosophy or the arts. A Proud Scholar Race may exist on their own or in contrast to a Warrior Race. They'll probably be portrayed as more basically peace-loving than their counterpart, but when they do end up in wars, they'll probably be the ones creating and using WMDs and various other dirty weapons, like chemicals, brainwashing, and so on. They won't necessarily be portrayed as nicer people - sometimes, their love of knowledge will make them sympathetic compared to the madmen running around hitting things with swords, but other times, it will make them cold, slimy and sinister compared to the honest fighters doing their duty for their country.

Their societal structure is centred around science, philosophy and the arts, and it's likely their political structure will employ a Head Scientist/Philosopher/Poet/Whatever as leader. They aren't necessarily a Higher-Tech Species, although that often overlaps. The key is that learning is the main cornerstone to their society.

If both these and the Warrior Race are played as villainous, they basically become a Does This Remind You of Anything? split about the two terrifying sides of the Nazis - the Warriors are the mighty soldiers and strategists slaughtering and conquering, while the Scientists remain at home torturing people For Science! and for hate. For this reason, when villainous, the Scientist race may be prejudiced and regard other races as fodder for slavery and experimentation.

When heroic, the race is quite likely to resemble an idealised depiction of the academic circles of the Ancient Greeks. Expect Crystal Spires and Togas or a Mary Sue Topia. They may or may not be a Higher-Tech Species.

If they are into both learning and killing, they're a Warrior Poet Race instead.

...Seen It a Million Times. The only example I can think of off the top of my head is the Kaleds from Doctor Who, who are neither heroic nor villainous and mostly ally with The Doctor (although their leader, Davros, is pure Evilutionary Biologist and creates the Daleks (Science Race as Prejudiced, Science Race using WM Ds)).

  • The Darrians in Traveller

  • The Psilons in Master Of Orion

  • Krypton worshipped Science, in some versions

  • Asimov's Psychohistorians?

  • The Time Lords, maybe.
    • I don't remember the Kaleds ever allying with the Doctor; I thought they only appeared in "Genesis of the Daleks

  • The Minbari religious caste might have a few traces of this.

  • One Defining Example I can think of: the Tuffles from Dragonball Z, a VERY Science-Driven Race, and lived on the same Planet as (and were Ultimately Overthrown by) the Saiyans (the very Epitome of a Proud Warrior Race).

  • I can't remember exactly, but I want to say the Ancients were this at various points in their history in Stargate SG 1 (Worth noting, that in the various Stargate series, we end up seeing things the Ancients did at vastly seperated parts of their history, so their characterization changed accordingly)

  • The salarians in Mass Effect have a reputation as good scientists, albeit one overshadowed by their other reputation as spies.

  • The Anophelii in China Mieville's The Scar. At least, the men. The women, on the other hand...
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