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Pig Nose Pose
Where a character will either push, pull, tape, or rube (against glass) up their nose shaping it like a pig's nose.
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This Nose Trope involves a gesture that's given the default name as "pig nose" where one will use pull, push, tape, or rub (against the glass) up their nose to position it like a pig.

Examples of reasons why this trope occurs:
  • The pig nose can be done accidentally as a way of showing accidental humor.
  • It can be done by a character themselves for reasons like self-humiliation.
  • A character might do it to another as a way of teasing.
  • Can be directed toward someone as a means of insulting like calling someone a "pig" or "fat".
  • Can be used on someone to harass someone or make them uncomfortable.

In Real Life, it's not uncommon for people to do the "pig nose" especially on photos or videos just for laughs. However, in Japan, the act is called "Busu" which is used to call someone ugly.

Not to be confused with Nose Nabbing which is just grabbing the nose.

Note: In order for this trope to work, it must be made obvious so as to make it purposely stand out as opposed to


  • The mom from the Hasbro Guesstures commercial does this trope when having to gesture as a pig.
  • Hiltl, a restaurant in Switzerland, has a series of ads with people pressing their noses up against the glass in curiosity.

Anime and Manga
  • Eureka Seven AO. In the episode "Born Slippy", Arata Nauru can be be seen pushing her nose up on a picture on the cell phone.
  • Nagi no Asukara. Hikari does this to Miuna at the beginning of episode 4.

  • Calvin And Hobbes. Calvin tapes his nose like this one one strip. Hobbes suggests that if he showed his dad, he'd want to wear a pig-nose to work.

  • The Heat: At one point during the bar scene, Ashburn and Mullins tape up their noses while drinking.
  • The Wild Thornberrys Movie: Darwin does this while attempting to match the passport picture of Sarah, Eliza's boarding school roommate with a rather upturned nose, when he and Eliza are about to board a plane to Africa.
  • Early on in One Crazy Summer, two girls do this to make fun of Squid's dog Boscoe. A crossing guard warns them that if they're doing that when someone pats them on the back, they'll stay like that. The girls persist and Squid pats them on the back. They stay like that.
  • The Phantom of the Opera (1925). Lon Chaney taped his nose up as part of his Nightmare Face of the Phantom.
  • D.A.R.Y.L.. Turtle, the kid next door neighbor, is introduced this way pushing his nose against the screen door till he is let in.
  • In Clerks II, while Dante and Randall are having an argument in the fast food restaurant, a Funny Background Event has Silent Bob doing this on the window from the outside, as Jay does some mooning.

Live-Action TV
  • In the Seinfeld episode "The Gris", Elaine, Jerry, or Kramer will do it whenever referencing the Pig Man.
  • Growing Pains. Mike occasionally put his nose in a pig-like pose while insulting his sister for being overweight, along with making piglike squeals.
  • In a sketch on The State, a college group warns incoming freshmen about getting drunk because you could wind up with tape on your face (presented as permanent scarring). One of the taped-faced does the classic pig nose. Later in the episode, a PSA against bullying includes a pig tape-face, as well.
  • Lizzie McGuire. On the episode Sibling Bonds, at the charity drive, Lizzie doesn't want Ethan to see her cuffed to Matt, so Matt is forced to hide in a photo booth. However, he embarrasses her by pretending his hand is her right hand and gives her the pig nose.
  • You Are Beautiful. Mei Nan for a while invoked this trope often. Reason being since Mark, faking his acupuncture knowledge, told her there is a pressure point in the nose that can control her feeling of love, especially around Hwang Tae Kyung .
  • Threes Company: Janet does this to Jack during an argument.

Reality TV
  • Britney Spears
    • On the MTV special In The Zone & Out All Night does this on while she's waiting in the van and talking about a funny dress room story.
    • She does it again on "Britney And Kevin Chaotic" in the makeup room while trying to impersonate what it would be like if she went on stage looking awkward.

Video Games
  • The Last of Us: Left Behind. During the Photo Booth scene, you have the option of making Ellie and Riley do the pig nose for a pose.

Western Animation
  • South Park. Cartman does this, even singing he's a little piggy, on "Scott Tenorman Must Die" in an act to get his money back from Scott.

Real Life
  • Anyone who wipes their nose doing the Allergic Salute.
  • Sandra Bullock admits to doing the pig face, starting at childhood, and even said in an interview that you must do it if you're going to commit to a relationship while doing the pig nose herself.
  • Princess Eugenie of York did this trope with tape while partying and even posted them online.
  • There is a facial yoga exercise that involves doing the pig nose; it's purpose is to shorten the nose.
  • Cara Delevingne, she even called it "The schnuffle pig".
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