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Sure, I'll donate, but I want recognition
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Odds are you've met this person in real life at some point. They're willing to help out via donating money, volunteering, whatever. But they want EVERYBODY to know that they were involved.

A similar example is occasionally shown with superheroes: It's not just that they saved the day; they want people to know it was them. To them, The Greatest Story Never Told isn't acceptable.

In short, the opposite of a Humble Hero.

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  • In an episode of The King of Queens, a mistake with a donation to the library gets the library named after Carrie and Doug. Rather than admit their fault, Carrie suggests that they just let it slide. She practically quotes the title of this trope when she admits that she's generous, but just really really petty.
    • In another episode, Doug has volunteered as a Big Brother, and is bragging about it to everybody, acting as though he's borderline saintly for this one act of decency.
  • Inverted in an episode of Seinfeld, where the owner of a pizza shop doesn't notice George dropping change into the tip jar, and when he looks up as George leaves, he gives him a, "Thanks for nothing" look.
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