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Second Layer Stylism
If a show looks unrealistic, any show within a show that appears is going to look unrealistic too.
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The realism of works' visual style varies. Some feature people with completely realistic proportions, others have people who would look freakish if we ever saw them in real life. But one principle remains constant: when the usual art style of a show is unrealistic (e.g. The Simpsons being yellow-skinned and having 4 fingers), media within that show's universe will be the same (e.g. "Radioactive Man"). If the characters in a manga are stereotypically big-eyed, the manga they read and the anime they watch won't feature any characters with realistic people either, even though this could be explained as an artistic choice.


Anime and Manga
  • The shojo manga in Otomen is about as realistically drawn as Otomen is, but there's more screentone used.
  • Rena from Fall In Love Like A Comic draws shojo manga in the same big-eyed style that her world is drawn with. Presumably, she considers her artwork realistic.
  • Genshiken's characters have realistic proportions, while the people from its show within the show Kujibiki Unbalance are big-eyed and small-nosed.

Western Animation
  • Inverted in at least two episodes of South Park that had live action parody commercials for the "Mr Hanky Playset" and "Cherokee Hair Tampons".

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