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Only Nice Man
When decent human beings are a minority.

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It's when everyone is evil and/or a Jerkass except for a handful of sympathetic characters. Compare Only Sane Man.

If there's one white spot, then at least it's a Morality Kitchen Sink, but it doesn't qualify for White and Grey Morality.

Also, what happened to the YKTTW I just posted? Is there an approval stage now? It was called "Bile Fetishist".

Needs More Examples. Rolling Updates.

  • Nyoron Churuya-san: Everyone is a Jerkass to Churuya and Ashakura, and the latter isn't all that nice to Churuya, either. Ashakura actually thinks that Churuya is out to ruin her chances for Kyon.
  • MOTHER 3: Yokuba/Fassad's influence changes almost all of the villagers into unsympathetic Jerkasses. The only nice guys left are the main characters.
  • Noah, from The Bible, making this Older Than Dirt.
  • Cormac Mc Carthy's The Road, and the film thereof. Although, unbeknownst to the audience or to the "good man" himself, another "good man" is tracking him.
  • The eponymous Jimmy Two-Shoes.
  • Agari Yamato from Karakuridouji Ultimo.
  • A classic example: Will from Oklahoma!

  • Dr. Tenma from the series "Monster" would fall under this category. He's really the only doctor who treats people regardless of who they are or if he gets paid or not. He even treats a terrorist who is about to die. The majority of the doctors in his hospital care only about the money they make, and nothing else.
  • Nina might be an example as well.
  • The world of Elfen Lied certainly falls under this. Lucy gets virtually no respect from any humans except Kohta, Yuka, and Mayu, or her dead friend Aiko. Almost all of them either make fun of her horns, want to lock her up, and/or kill her. This counts for the Dicloni as well, because many of them are misunderstood and feared by humans.
  • Higurashi might be a possibility here. The Sonozaki family's treatment of the Hojo's and the village's persecution of them definitely make Hinamizawa a non-friendly town for traitors or outsiders.
  • X-men would be a good example. Mutants are feared and hated by almost everyone. Senator Kelly's speeches only make things worse for them.
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