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Number Seven, Nana
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This isn't really one of the Numerological Motifs, but a number pun that I've noticed in at least 3 different anime/manga. 'Nana' is one of the possible pronunciations in Japanese for the number 7, and it ends up being used as a feminine name with a possible double meaning across works.

  • Elfen Lied features experimental subject Number Seven, or "Nana" as her father figure calls her.
  • Loveless apparently has a shut-in character(there's a word/trope for it...) called Nana who only briefly shows up in the anime. I got the impression the name represented her dependence on computers for interaction.
  • Based on Wikipedia, there are two girls named Nana in the manga Nana living in apartment 707. Effectively using this as its entire premise.
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