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Instant Vanishing Injury
An injury inexplicably disappears.
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Needs a Better Title.

A character was shot, or stabbed, or fell three stories onto solid concrete. And now, they're getting up to kick some butt. Or they were brutally assaulted and received a concussion, and go skipping off fifteen minutes later and their grievous injury is never mentioned again. Or they were shot in one episode, perfectly fine in the next, and had their gunshot wound never mentioned again.

This is the Instant Vanishing Injury. Not to be confused with Healing Factor, which involves a character who has the ability to heal ridiculously quickly, but the Instant Vanishing Injury gives no explanation for the...vanishing.


Kung Fu: In "Besieged Part Two: Cannon at the Gate" Caine is mortally wounded after blowing up a cannon which was firing on the temple. As he lays on the ground dying his Girl Of The Week is crouching over him, comforting him. Then she gets Stabbed In The Back by an Evil Minion (Dragon With An Agenda to the Affably Evil Big Bad). Now she's dying and he comforts her - suddenly he's fine.


Baloo and Bagerrha's black eyes seem to just disappear midway through a conversation in The Jungle Book.


Practically Omnipresent in Professional Wrestling. Wrestler Abel is being beaten up by wrestler Bob, but then Abel suddenly has a big comeback and all the injuries Bob has inflicted upon him magically disappear.

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