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Breakup Album
Album an artist writes which deals with a breakup or divorce.
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An example of Real Life Writes the Plot, where an artist write an album largely (or entirely) dealing with the demise of a relationship. It can show Creator Breakdown or Anti Love Songs, depending on the artist's feelings.

Examples include:

  • Blue Moves by Elton John, many songs of which concern lyricist Bernie Taupin's divorce from first wife Maxine Feibelmann.
  • Minstrel In The Gallery by Jethro Tull, partly about bandleader Ian Anderson's divorce from first wife Jennie.
  • Breakout by Miley Cyrus, largely about her breakup with first boyfriend Nick Jonas.
  • Face Value by Phil Collins, concerning his divorce to first wife Andrea Bertollini.
  • Us by Peter Gabriel, dealing with his divorce from first wife Jill, breakup with girlfriend Rosanna Arquette, and broken relations with his children.
  • Walls And Bridges by John Lennon, with songs about a separation from Yoko Ono.
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