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Romantic Spoonfeeding
Dinner is prepared and inserted straight into a love interest's mouth.
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A use of Through His Stomach, with an excuse to get physically close to the Love Interest.

One person puts food into another's mouth as a romantic gesture. Very frequently, the feeding character will say a variant of "Say 'AAAH'" to the one that is being fed. The sensual aspects of the feeding get emphasis (doing it slowly, with a hand cupped under the other person's chin, maybe letting a fingertip linger in the recipient's get the idea).

Often an action of Sickeningly Sweethearts.

Compare Sweetheart Sipping, Chocolate of Romance, and also Erotic Eating. Spaghetti Kiss is a related trope.


Anime and Manga
  • In Princess Mononoke, when Ashitaka is injured and can't feed himself, San tries to put a strip of dried meat in his mouth. When he turns out to be too weak even to chew it, she takes it back, chews it up herself, and gently spits it into his mouth in a kiss. Slightly squicky but totally played as romantic.
  • Played with in Berserk: Schierke tries to feed a bedridden Guts this way, but realizes what it looks like (she has a very obvious Precocious Crush on him), panics, and Guts end up with a bowlful of very hot soup to the face.
  • Appears in episode 5 Infinite Stratos where Ichika ends up with his entire harem trying to feed him at once. The solution was to have everybody feed each other.
  • Parodied in Fairy Tail chapter 545.5. Juvia tries to invoke this by spoon feeding her beloved Gray, but he, already oblivious to her affections, is even more put off by how horrible the food is.

  • Played with in the film Ever After. The pretty stepsister invokes this--the prince goes to hand her a treat (we find out later it's chocolate), and she closes her eyes and opens her mouth suggestively. The prince is obviously not aroused, and actually looks a little disturbed by it, but he feeds it to her.
  • In Nine And A Half Weeks the two lead characters feed each other in front of an open refrigerator as foreplay.
  • Parodied in Hot Shots!! Part Deux, where Topper and his gal feed each other. At one point Topper fries an egg on her belly.

  • A couple of examples in the Deryni books:
    • Duke Jared McLain and Lady Vera Howard are seen feeding each other during a banquet in Childe Morgan.
    • Princess Janniver and Sir Jatham Kilshane spoonfeed each other during their wedding banquet in King Kelson's Bride.
    • Late in King Kelson's Bride, Princess Richelle Haldane is seen feeding grapes to her fiance Brecon Ramsay while they're on a hunting trip with other members of their families.

Live Action TV
  • How I Met Your Mother:
    • In "Slutty Pumpkin", Marshal and Lily are dressed in matching Halloween outfits and share dinner -- Lily spoonfeeds Marshal. They later also share a dessert.
    • Robin is reluctant to do any lovey-dovey stuff with Mike in "Slutty Pumpkin". Mike wants her to taste his chicken, but she refuses and defies the trope. Lily tells her she should be more girlfriend-like and she attempts to share her sundae, but she likes it too much, so it doesn't really work out well.
    • In "Something Blue", Marshal and Lily try to spoon-feed each other at their wedding with the cake. Lily is completely drunk and sees Marshal's face twice or thrice, and she falls down.
    • When Ted dates Catey, a girl a talks too much (her annoying habbit which he only realized when others pointed it out), they are shown cooking together and feeding one another in their being-in-love-and-very-happy montage.

Video Games
  • In The Sims 2, one of the romantic interactions available when characters are eating at a table together is "feed a bite". The Sim initiating the interaction takes food off his/her own plate with the fork, and offers it to his/her partner. The partner either accepts it, which improves their relationship score, or is disgusted, with predictable results.
  • Jam is shown trying spoonfeeding the target of her affections, Ky Kiske, in her third Guilty Gear XX story ending, having taken a nervous Ky on a picnic and attempting to feed him heart-shaped chocolates with her chopsticks.

  • In Sonichu, Punchy Sonichu feeds a french fry to Layla Flaaffy while they're eating together at McDonald's.

Western Animation
  • Parodied on Family Guy when Peter realizes the fatter Lois is the more turned on by her he gets.

Real Life
  • A part of wedding traditions in some cultures. During the dinner, bride and groom feed each other, sometimes with cake or the main course. Suffice to say, both are usually so nervous that they can barely eat anything.

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