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People Doll Collector

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The People Doll Collector (new names welcome) manage to combine the creepyness of a doll collection with the horror of The Puppetmasters by creating a collection of "living" puppets. Either due to control of undead zombies, Demonic Possession, being a Hive Queen, or other means, she (usually a she) will dress up her dolls and have them play at being people.

If she has no supernatural means of controlling people, she may revert to collecting corpses (with or without embalming) and do the same. Expect her to kidnap a real live person they have the hots for and expect them to play along as if their delusion were perfectly reasonable. If they don't? Well, dead is so much easier to pose...

The collector usually has some kind of psychological trauma or weird fetish behind this behavior. At the least, it's pure Power Perversion Potential that they're abusing, in which case they're still (mostly) sane and reasonable. Others will have a need to re-create a family from whoever is handy, or some kind of obsession with controlling the people around them to avoid being hurt. Interrogation by Vandalism usually works when applied to the dolls, though it may backfire if said dolls are capable of self defense. They may be trying to enforce some kind inner illusion or fantasy, in which case pointing it out to be fake (and dispelling the control over the dolls) can break them out of it and either make them see reason... or get really angry.

Contrast Showing Off the New Body.
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