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Dueling Products
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Seen It a Million Times. Like Dueling Shows or Dueling Movies, sometimes two(or more) items in the market are in direct competition of one another. Like always these products have to be in use at the same time, otherwise it's Follow the Leader or Serial Numbers Filed Off. Also the Console Wars have their own entry. It was epic.


OriginalCloneCapsule Pitch DescriptionImplementationWinner?
Barbie Bratz Dolls For Girls Barbie was meant to be a revolutionary new way for little girls to play with dolls. Bratz took the "glamourous" lifestyle and ramped it up to 11. Bratz took the title from Barbie rather resoundingly in terms of sales. Then a copyright lawsuit brought Bratz' to an end.
Coca-Cola Pepsi Carbonated Soft Drinks that were created around the same time. Coca-Cola has typically had more success a "traditional" audience. Pepsi usually is more successful with younger audiences. From The Other Wiki...According to Beverage Digest's 2008 report on Carbonated Soft Drinks, Pepsi Co's U.S. market share is 30.8 percent, while The Coca-Cola Company's is 42.7 percent.
I'm A Mac And I'm A Windows PC Personal computers designed, developed, and marketed to users. Apple was the solution for the novice computer hobbyist that became Mac; IBM wanted a more business - friendly version whose OS became Windows Apple has focused less on advertising their features, and spent more time attacking windows P Cs. Windows commercials typically advertise their features instead of their competitor's faults. Ongoing, but Windows still has at least 80% market share between all versions.
Axe/LynxTagBody Sprays that have had a lot of success marketing you young men and teenagers"You'll get laid if you spray this on"No winners yet. Only losers who use these products as a replacement for showering.
HD DVDBlu RayHigh definition optical disc format The Other Wiki has a better analysis than ThisTroper could ever dream up.Toshiba admitted defeat on Feb 19, 2008. Two key situations that caused this was: The PS 3 being a Blu Ray player and Warner Bros announcing that they would cease HD DVD support on Jan 4, 2008.
XM RadioSirius RadioRevolutionary Satellite Radio ProvidersVery Similar Marketing Strategies. So much so that at the launch of this trope there's no a agreed discernable difference yet.Sadly only losers. Neither company could survive on it's own and have now merge (Sirius bought XM if you want to get technical). The future is still murky.
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