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Appearance Independent Body Statistics
Where a character's body statistics aren't implied by it's design
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Do We Have This One?? Oh, and I'm open to title suggestions. And a better description. And I don't know how to link to an article.

Hmmm,look at the huge chubby character design of this thing. It's gotta be a Mighty Glacier...Holy Cow! Did it just outspeed The Mario?

This topic refers to situations when statistics of a character seem unexpected given it's appearance.

  • Some Pokemon seem to have this. Miltank, a pokemon who can only be described as a fat cow, manages to outspeed Pokemon like Pidgeot, a Bird Pokemon. A similar Example is Ariados, a giant Spider like Pokemon, is among the slowest Pokemon out there, though in real life spiders tend to be quick little buggers.
  • Randolph in Last Scenario appears to be a Squishy Wizard, but actually is more of a Stone Wall.
  • Omaeda from Bleach is a rotund man, and that's putting it politely. He's also the lieutenant of the Special Ops division, which specializes in speed. And yes, he actually does deserve that position.
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