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Riding the Hovercar
To experience any story, the audience must first get in the hovercar
Tropeworthy? Better Name
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The initiation, perpetuation, and conclusion of the Willing Suspension of Disbelief as experienced by the audience. The audience first chooses to submit to the unreality of the story and "get in the hovercar." Upon completion of the story, the audience exits the hovercar. The believably of the story thus hinges upon the smoothness of the hovercar ride.

Asking the audience to get in the hovercar is a metaphor for asking them to leave Real Life behind for a moment and step into the fantasy. The state that follows during the hovercar ride is the Willing Suspension of Disbelief. The hovercar, while immune to pot holes, is succeptible to Plot Holes that can jar the audience from that state if they are large enough and/or hit at high enough speed.

While not all hovercars are made equally, they are present in every story.
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