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Oligarchical Collectivism
Most of the wealth of a society is collectively possessed by a tiny group of persons
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Oligarchical collectivism describes any setting where the wealth is collectively possessed by a tiny group of persons.

Bonus points if the majority of the population is enslaved by this elite.

The oligarchs are often Social Darwinists and/or perceive themselves as a Master Race.

The setting can take place in Feudal Future, Medieval Stasis or After the End.

Such society can be born from:

The Hero can search to overthrow such a system.


Anime and Manga
  • Neo City, in Secret of Cerulean Sand, is organised as this.
  • The Class and, to a lesser extent, the Organo in Texhnolyze are like this: They live in a bizarre sort of peaceful bubble society high above the impoverished people whose lives they control through violent go-betweens given just a small modicum of their privilege.

    Of course, the people of the surface world are even further up the ladder, but they are completely outside the system and their absence only enforces the very Orwellian nature of Luxite society below.


  • The Trope Namer is 1984:
  • The economical system of the Domination of Draka is described, by a character, by using these exact same words: the land and its Serfs were alloted to a Citizen and could be seized in cases of lack of use.
  • The Hellhole Trilogy has the vast lions share of all wealth controlled by noble families. While they aren't out to screw the poor or private, non-noble entrepreneurs, they aggressively seize all of the major cash industries. Such as the mining for the mineral that makes FTL navigation possible. They're also out to screw each other over for control of these industries and ownership of planets as possible. The heroes, naturally, are a mix of Defector from Decadence and good old working class entrepreneurs.
  • In the SF novel This Perfect Day, the tiny class of controllers have access to great luxury and advanced medical care, while the rest of the populace lives under rationing so strict that maximum allowed lifespans are enforced.
  • In Das Kapital, Karl Marx describes the theory of the Asiatic mode of production, where a tiny despotic and urban elite appropriate the surplus of village communities, whom they own as a collective.

    The theory is very controversial because the name refers to the theory of Oriental despotism and that this mode don't differs much from feudal Europe.

Tabletop Game
  • The Clans in BattleTech, nearly all property belongs to the Clan as a whole, including people. With the exception of Bondsmen who serve the Warrior who captured them until the Bondsholder determines that they can be freed to join one of their holding Clan's castes.
  • It is safe to assume some worlds in Warhammer40000 are organised as this. For instance, Sepheris Secundus in Dark Heresy, a Medieval world where serfs are heavily exploited by the nobility in mines.

Video Games
  • Vault City in Fallout 2 is organised as such, with a tiny number of citizens living in great luxury on the work of servents bought from the outside.

Real Life

Please include only historigical exemples, per Ban on Politics

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