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Distracting Musical Number
Getting an opponent caught up in a song and dance routine
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When the rather unreal premise of musicals- people drop what they're doing to break out in song- is deliberately invoked by a character in order to distract or preoccupy someone.

Western Animation
  • Bugs Bunny does this so often it's hard to count the times. At least two are:
    • in Mississippi Hare, when he gets Colonel Shuffle to sing and dance to "Camptown Races" (right off the boat)
    • Hillbilly Hare, when Bugs gets two backwoods yokels caught up in a hoedown dance.
  • In Billy and Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure, Billy's impromptu production distracts the crew of a ghostly pirate ship long enough for Billy, Mandy, Irwin and Grim to escape.
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