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The Computer Is A Tease
Robotic antagonist gets closer to protagonist by giving aid.
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(Formerly "Boolean and Switch", examples section is Up for Grabs for any examples I may have missed)

Being an AI sucks. Not only do they have a horrible rep for killing anything in sight, nobody will even listen to their rational logical process devoid of emotional attachment. And it just so happens a robo-racist is aiming to gun them down. What's a reasonable object to do?

The funny thing about computers, though, is that more and more people trust their PD As now more than their family. Spambots have barely scratched the surface of the potential - what if a truly artificial intelligence got their hand on using anonymous communicative methods (say, email, phone, or messageboard) to spy on their rival without them caring? Or, better yet, herd them into whatever situation planned without an ounce of suspicion?

After all, The Hero is gonna need all the help he can get - all it would take is a rival strawman, and the right opportunity.

Note that the AI does not have to be made of pure evilanium - it can be out of the drama of the situation.

Speaking of which, if an author wants to be truly Anvilicious, said robotic antagonist can pose as a girl for the helpful half, and a male for the opposing half using computer voices.

Subtrope of The Computer Is Your Friend. Compare Treacherous Advisor and There Are No Girls on the Internet. May lead to Mission Control Is Off Its Meds.


  • Armored Core loves this trope in general - first in Master of Arena, then Silent Line, and finally V. In particular, Nineball's origin requires special mention - the fluff suggests Nineball started out as an AI sent to fix the environmental control system. Come Master of Arena, Nineball is simultaneously the longest-holding champion of the arena as well as your Operator, Lana Nielsen. Said facade doesn't last, as the missions you receive and her emails become more and more out of sync.
  • Mega Man Official Complete Works states that Iris and Colonel stem from the same project of creating a Super Soldier - however, the data to program a Reploid is too big for one body, so it was shared between two. Zero just so happens to find the female model during the crash of Sky Lagoon. She goes berserk when she downloads her "brother's" data when Colonel is taken down by Zero, and would have died eventually if Zero didn't do it first.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 had a Mind Screw where it was revealed that the other main antagonists, The Patriots, were using Raiden as an experiment to determine how far they can goad a human to do inhumane deeds. How so? Colonel and Rosemary would like to borrow some scissors from Raiden. As Raiden was trained from virtual reality, his perception of reality was blurred as-is: and as soon as The Reveal, he questioned Mission Control for all it was worth.
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