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Fake Penultimate Level

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So, you're just getting the final MacGuffin or heading to the portal to the Final Boss's lair. But wait! You finish the dungeon...and now you have to collect a mystical sword to slay the villain?

This is when the game seems to reach a climax moment where it seems you have to beat one more dungeon before you can go to The Very Definitely Final Dungeon, only for a sudden plot twist to reveal that you still need to go through more of the story before you can go there.

Compare Disc-One Final Dungeon.

Examples Include:

  • The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess has three. First, the Lakebed Temple, where you collect the last fused shadow, but then Zant steals the fused shadows. Then Arbiter's Grounds, where you can use the Mirror Of Twilight to go fight Zant, but the Mirror is broken and finally, City In The Sky, where you have to collect the last Mirror Shard to fight Zant, but Zant isn't the final boss.
  • In Dragon Quest IX, Swinedimples Academy, where you get the last Fygg, but then Aquila steals the Fyggs.
  • The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time has Jabu-Jabu's belly, where you collect the last Spiritual Stone but then you need the medallions to get to Ganon's Tower.
    • In The Wind Waker there is Tower Of The Gods where you need to get to the Master Sword, but the Master Sword is too weak to beat Ganon.
    • In Spirit Tracks the Fire Temple, because there's still aother temple.
    • The Temple of Courage in Phantom Hourglass, because Tetra turned to stone.
  • In Chrono Trigger, The Mountains, because the Masamune is broken. And then every dundeo after that. Except the Disc One Final Dungeons, the real Penultimate Dungeon and the last dungeon.
  • In Okami, the Spirit Gate. You still have to fight Leckhu and neckhu.
  • In Mario & Luigi Bowsers Inside Story, Toad Town sewers, because the doctor needs three Mac Guffins to make a cure.
  • In Pokemon Diamond And Pearl, at least for the Galactic Story, Lake Acuity, because they're not beaten in the Galactic Lair.
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