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Born in a Storm
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The birth of a baby is a miracle of life. After the intense hours of labour, everyone gathers around to see the newest member of the story, gushing about hoe beautiful the baby is and how much everyone loves it. In others words, it can end up being a pretty boring and overly-fluffy scene. Not to mention that the birth process itself can be pretty [[Squick squicky]]. 

Authors work around this by adding tension to the birth scene. More specifically, they decide to have their characters give birth in very dangerous or climatic situations that put the new mother and child in immediate danger at their most vulnerable time. It seems to be some unspoken rule that every mother must go into labour in the most inconvenient times and places.

Named after a scene from [Warrior Cats]] where a character goes into labour during a storm. May overlap with [[



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  • In the 2009 movie of Stark Trek, Kirk's mother goes into labour with him whilst the ship is being pummeled by Nero's ship.


  • As mentioned above, in [[Warriors Cats]] Rainflower of River Clan begins giving birth while the Clan is fleeing their flooded home during a horrible storm.
    • Also in that series, Sorreltail of Thunder Clan goes into labour while their home is being invaded by badgers. The he healer/midwife Cinderpelt is tending to her during the attack, which leads to her death.


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  • The Legend of Korra has Tenzin's wife go into labor while the air temple is being attacked by equalists.

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