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So, as I was saying...
Someone starts a conversation, the movie cuts to a scene minutes or even hours later, and the conversations continues
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The best example of this I can think of off the top of my head is Speed. (Though it happens a lot, perhaps more often on TV than in movies.) In the beginning with the elevator, Jack comes up with the plan to attach the cable to the elevator as a backup in case Payne blows it up. This is a bit after they went through the hypoethtical "shoot the hostage" talk. Jack tells Harry that he has an idea and they head toward the stairs. H Arry says "What? You're not going to shoot the hostages, are you?" And Harry says "No..." as they start running up 20 or so flights of stiars, in full bomb squad gear (which would take several minutes) and the movie immediately cuts to them exiting the stairs on the roof with Jack continuing "...we'll just take them out of the equation!" So he just kept Harry hanging the whole time in the stairwell

I can't find this anywhere so I don't think it is already in the list.
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