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Missing Out
When a game loses half it's charm because the player just isn't paying attention.
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The interactive nature of video games makes storytelling a complicated issue. The player may welcome the freedom given but with great power comes great responsibility. You know, things like not staring at a wall while a massive cinematic explosion is taking place at the opposite direction.

Some players are more prone to this than others, and likewise some games suffer from it more. The massive frustration exists only for that someone else looking over the shoulder of a player completely missing out.

Common issues:
  • Running right past cool props and events.
  • Not using most of the available gameplay mechanics.
  • Not paying attention to the plot, "just playing", then having difficulty to progress without knowing what's going on.

Specific examples:
  • In Portal 2, while GLaDOS is waking up and Wheatley is panicking the player is often fully preoccupied trying to escape. There's even a totally out-of-place concrete wall that just spawns behind the player so they at least wouldn't look that way.
  • The tutorial in Alan Wake will actually let you go if you don't manage to learn the dodge mechanic after a while. An ignorant player will just continue and later hit the wall.
  • Any Fallout game with a player not willing to read. The game session usually won't last very long.
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