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Tried To Help
The hero is fed up with helping people who won't help themselves.
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Suppose you have a hero who sets an example for others to follow, but they're not living up to his standards. Suppose that a group of heroes are trying to get the Ineffectual Loner to come out of his shell, but he refuses to take any part of socialization. It could be anything else. With all the people acting like stubborn mules and lazy bums who just aren't willing to improve themselves in life, this is the part where the hero gives up and points out that if he can't help them, then they will have to defend themselves without their help.

Somewhat related to Beware the Nice Ones where too much B.S. from people is too much for the resident Nice Guy. Often the Deconstruction of Entitled Bastard and All of the Other Reindeer.

  • In the end of Kingdom Come, Superman doesn't talk to the Normal People whom he tried to save and who killed Captain Marvel and a large number of other superheroes. He just threatens to kill all of them.
  • A state trooper in a Jeep knocks on a man's door and tells him to evacuate due to a pending flood; the man says "God will save me." A few hours later the water is running through the man's first floor, and the coast guard pulls up to his second story window in a boat, but he sends them away, saying "God will save me." A little later, the man is on his roof, with floodwaters ravaging his house. A helicopter flies over and dangles a ladder, but the man waves it off. The man is swept away and drowns, and when he gets to heaven, he angrily confronts God with "why didn't you do anything to save me?" God says "I didn't do anything? I sent a jeep, a boat and a helicopter."
  • WWE: On an episode of Smackdown This is done with the newly-appointed COO of WWE Triple H as he begins to lose his patience with CM Punk, who's been giving him a lot of crap for making the WWE the same as it always is. Not to mention the fact Punk has disrespected Stephanie McMahon on occasions, much to Triple H irritation.
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