Your Predecessors Died Horribly
The first thing a character learns on his new job is how everyone else who's done it has died, or worse.
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Do we have this? A character starts off in a new, dangerous job and asks about the last people who worked there. It turns out they died on the job, and it's implied that the new character probably will, too. Usually found in pilot episodes, and sometimes played for laughs.

  • On the pilot of Futurama, Farnsworth is about to give Fry, Bender, and Leela the career chips from his previous crew. Bender asks what happened to the old crew. Farnsworth dodges the question, but pulls the chips out of an envelope marked "Contents of Space Wasp's Stomach"
  • On the pilot of Babylon 5, someone asks about the station's name. It turns out that the first three Babylon stations were destroyed, and the fourth disappeared.
  • On the pilot of Warehouse13, Pete finds a photo of other Warehouse agents and asks where they all are. Artie responds that three of them are dead, one is in an insane asylum, and one disappeared- but he'll find him someday. It becomes a running joke on the show that everyone who works in the Warehouse winds up evil, crazy, or dead, or all three.
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