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Reworked Britain
The Influence of the British Isles divided, expanded or radically altered otherwise.
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Similar to Invaded States of America, Divided States of America and Expanded States of America, this trope applies a similar mechanism to the British Isles. Although this happened in Real Life too in the past, this is mostly Alternate History, but with Great Britain as the main area of interest in the story.

  • Doomsday had Scotland sealed off from the world in a great plague. It is reflected in their coat of Arms, omitting the St. Andrew's Cross.
  • Britain during the War Of The Roses.
  • The British Empire, just about the furthest known historical expansion of British power.
  • 1984, where Britain is basically Airstrip One.
  • Thursday Next series depicts Wales as having separated from England as a socialist republic.
  • V for Vendetta, the comics make Britain into the logical and somewhat extreme conclusion of the policies of Margaret Thatcher.
  • There is a Doctor Who storybook in which Cornwall is a separate country.
  • Britain under King Arthur frequently commands quite the influence, extending beyond the usual Isles.
    • An example would be The Once and Future King, where early on in the second book England expands its influence first to all surrounding isles, then to pretty much the entirety of Europe after the defeat of Emperor Lucius and all the kings he brought with him for support.
    • Both the Alliterative Morte Arthur and the Stanzaic Morte Arthur have Arthur fighting Emperor Lucius, ruling Rome, but have Arthur stopping halfway through his conquest to quell an uprising by Mordred back in England.
  • Code Geass had the upper class flee Napoleonic influences and so they fled to the Americas, where they expanded until the established empire covered most of the Western Hemisphere.
  • The british Isles under Norman rule had several levels of expansion into France.
  • Britain in either Saxon times, Norman times, or even during the partial occupation by Denmark. The sphere of its influence was dubbed the Danelaw, where Danish law applies.
  • Before the formation of Great Britain or the United Kingdom altogether, Wales, Ireland and Scotland were separate countries.
  • under the Roman Empire, several upstart emperors used Britain as a staging ground for conquering the rest of the empire.
  • I Am Skantarios, or rather its direct sequel, Legacy Of Skantarios has England and Scotland reduced swiftly to a smattering of territories in Ireland, eventually regaining a foothold on British soil after years, granted to them by the Byzantine Empire.
  • Real Life actually shows some examples as well. William The Conqueror had his powerbase in Normandy, but conquered England as well, where it was in some views considered as a bonus to the lands he already held on the Continent.
    • Another case was Emperor Carausius using Britain as a staging point to establish his own counterpart to the Roman Empire.
    • Cnut The Great likewise ruled England, as well as Denmark, Norway and parts of Sweden and yet more posessions.

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