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Sins Of Our Brothers
People attack TheHero becaise he came from the same place as the BigBad.
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Bob is a Fish out of Water in some way, Trapped in Another World or displaced in time or even just traveling. He finally finds his way to civilization...and then everyone attacks him, because they remember the last time they saw someone with those weird clothes and bizarre accent he eventually became the Big Bad. This time they're determined to nip it in the bud!

Bonus points if the Big Bad himself counts on this reaction to eliminate competition if any of his peers end up in the same place he did.

Traveling Salesmen are particularly prone to this, due to assorted Honest Johns giving them a bad name.

Compare Sins of Our Fathers, where someone is judged/cursed/etc. because of something an ancestor did, rather than a displaced peer. See also Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond and Outside-Context Villain, one of which the original immigrant probably was if he could generate such a strong reaction.

  • In The Transall Saga, the Merkon demands that anyone like him be brought before him, thus placing any potential rivals in his power.

  • In Deverish Also, Finn gets attacked because the last guy who came through the portal to Earth wound up killing the royal family and setting himself up as a tyrant, using his weird not-magic to destroy all who opposed him.
  • Girl Genius has Mechanicsburg, where the townsfolk look with extreme suspicion on anyone claiming Heterodyne descent. They actually like the genuine Heterodynes, but they really, really hate fake ones, and lately there's been nothing but fakes.

Video Games
  • The Un-Sorcerer protagonist of Black Sigil is trusted by almost nobody because a previous non-magical character in this setting was guilty of terrible deeds.
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