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early 80's slime monster BBC series
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i would really appreciate your help. The show i am searching for was from the early 80's. Im from Australia, and it was on in weekday afternoons on ABC. If anyone is familiar with ABC afternoon shows back then, they usually aired shows for the younger audience earlier, then shows suited more to young teens. this was in the young teen bracket. i think it was on around the same time as chocky.

I can remember it being a BBC Thames production, but i could be wrong.

From what i remember the show had a dark, horror/paranormal feel to it. It was a live action television series. The two main characters were a young boy and girl. The show took place in an English country town near the sea. There were some evil slime monsters that looked about the size and shape of a hay stack - they were green and made a noise like spit being forced back and forward through clenched teeth (sorry). I can remember they traveled through slime tunnels and i think the children could access these tunnels through hollow trees.

I think i remember the children both had a glowing stone each - the boys was a light blue and the girls was pink. I think there were also adults trying to catch the children who could turn into slime creatures too. They could access the slime tunnels from the ocean.

I can remember a scene with one of the adults half transformed into a slime creature and his head was a big blob of green slime. I think the children could also keep the slime creatures at bay with the gems. im unsure.

I think in the slime tunnels you could also see tree roots.

The monsters and special effects were not CGI.

I appreciate anyone taking the time to read this and i hope someone could help identifying this show. i have searched for years trying to find some trace of this show. I have found 2 possible entries on the internet from people asking about this series, both times the people were deeply affected by their memories of this show. It was terrifying.
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