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Screw the Rules We Are In Love
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Exactly As It Says On The Tin, Alice meets Bob,and they fall in love, but their love is forbidden by the laws and/or customs of the society they live in, maybe one is a Blue Blood and the other a commoner, maybe they are of different castes in a Fantastic Caste System where the castes are forbidden to mix, maybe they are not even the same species. Whatever the reason, the aren't supposed to be together, but they decide to say Screw The Rules We Are IN Love. how this ends usually depends on where the work stands on the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism, in an idealistic work, this will usually become a testament to the Power of Love, and they will not only get away with it individually, but will manage to change society so that whatever unacceptable relationship they had becomes more acceptable. In a cynical work, they'll probably end up socially disgraced or even dead for their love.

Needs examples, Up for Grabs.
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