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Pantsless Males Fully Dressed Females
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In some cartoons and video games with animal and aliens, the male characters are often either pantless or naked save for accessories, but the female characters are more or less fully dressed, whether barefoot or not. In a few instances, the male characters are shirtless. The female characters tend to be more fully clothed than the male characters.

Subtrope of Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal. See also Tertiary Sexual Characteristics.


  • Most of the female Robin Hood characters are fully dressed and most of the male characters are pantsless.
  • The male aliens in Planet 51 are pantsless but the female ones are fully dressed.
  • In the vast majority of peplum (Italian-made sword and sandal flicks like Hercules And the Captive Women) the heros run around basically dressed in nothing but leather diapers, while the women are generally dressed in togas that cover them from neck to ankle.

  • In Beatrix Potter's The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Peter just wears a blue jacket (and loses even that). His mother wears a dress and an apron. His sisters, however, avert the trope buy just wearing shawls.

Video Games
  • In the Sly Cooper games, most of the male characters are habitually pantsless, but almost all the female characters are fully dressed. The exception is The Contessa from Sly 2, but she's a spider-centaur-thing with no humanoid legs.
    • In a behind-the-scenes unlockable in Sly 2, one developer comments that Sly is "a universe in pants-less-ness."
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog game series, all male, non-human characters wear nothing but shoes and gloves, and all females are fully clothed.
    • But in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons and comics, a sort of flip-flop in dressing code happens between the genders. With little exception, young male characters are mostly naked and young female characters are almost always fully dressed, but as they mature, the males start wearing more clothing, while the females start wearing much less. Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit, for example, are not yet into their teens, and wear full dresses and panties, while their much older counterpart Sally Acorn only wears boots and a vest; similarly, Knuckles is almost completely nude in his teenage years, while his much older family members (and eventually himself, as revealed in the latest "25 Years Later" Story Arc) all wear some form of full bodysuit or cloak.
  • In the 3rd Spyro the Dragon game, Spyro: Year of The Dragon, Hunter wears nothing at all, whereas Bianca wears a robe.
  • Crash Bandicoot is always shirtless, as most male animal characters: Tiny, Dingodile, Crunch... Coco, a female character, on the other hand, wears full clothing.

  • In Ozy and Millie, Ozy wears a tophat and vest as his default outfit, while Millie's is overalls (albiet without a shirt). Averted with the secondary and minor characters, though there's little to no correlation between amount of clothing and gender going on there.

Western Animation
  • Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes is completely naked save for White Gloves, but Lola Bunny is more or less fully dressed.
    • Porky Pig is pantless, but Petunia Pig is fully dressed.
  • Buster and Babs Bunny (no relation) from Tiny Toon Adventures wear a shirt and a blouse and skirt respectively.
  • In Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, all the male rangers wear shirts but no pants (actually Chip doesn't even have a shirt just a coat) Gadget wears a full jumpsuit. While this is partly justified normally since she's a mechanic, even when the rangers wear something other than their usual outfits Gadget is always fully clothed.
    • There was a bit of Lampshade Hanging in one episode: When Dale and Gadget swap bodies, she says "Is it draughty in here?" and quickly makes a skirt out of a toothpaste cap.
  • In The Backyardigans, All the male characters except Austin are wearing less clothing (Tyrone is pantless and Pablo is almost completely naked) than the female characters (Tasha and Uniqua), who are more or less fully dressed.
  • Rebecca and Molly Cunningham from Talespin are fully dressed, but Kit Cloudkicker and Baloo are pantsless.
  • Mickey and Minnie follow this trope in more modern day appearances like in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, where Mickey remains shirtless but Minnie is wearing a full dress.

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