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What happens when Refuge in Audacity meets Faux Yay in a bar one night, and Refuge in Audacity keeps jocularly hitting on it.

The scenario is this: Bob is straight. Everyone knows Bob is straight. But none the less, Bob will make outrageously homoerotic comments and suggestions to his (presumably also straight) friends and co-workers. Why? It's actually an odd form of macho; by doing this Bob appears to be utterly secure with his own sexual identity. And if he unsettles other people by doing this, then Bob is the one who comes out looking the most unflappable and collected in the room. It's a kind of homoerotic ju-juitsu. Sometimes the target buckles in uncomfortable silence, or sometimes they'll catch it and reverse it.

It's worth noting that this is not just innuendo. Innuendo is way too mild for this trope. It's flat out homoerotic suggestion by the time it's gotten to Gay Bravado.


  • If it weren't for the no-no that example titles are, I'd have named this trope Bunk Gay, for Bunk from The Wire. He is a master of this. Some gems include:
    Bunk: And if I'm wrong, I'll give you a backrub you ain't ever gonna forget.
    Bunk: Look at that bow-legged motherfucker. I made him walk like that.
    Bunk: Now it's time for you to show the Bunk some love.
    Caught and reversed by McNulty: You want some love? Come over here and get in my lap.
  • Brent from PVP Online has a go at it here. Max reverses the blow.
  • Hawkeye used this early on in M*A*S*H.
  • Kitchen Confidential sees a lot of this, though more in a display of one-upmanship than to taunt and unnerve.

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