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Undead Idiom Trouble
Comedy arising from undead characters using expressions about death or body parts
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Box Ghost: You'll never take me alive!
Ghost Cops: You're a ghost.

In many, many languages, a large number of idioms refer to death and specific body parts. For living characters (presumably what you're dealing with most of the time) having them use these works fine. It works less fine, however, when undead characters try to use them, as some In-Universe Fridge Logic can arise quite fast.

As a result, whenever you hear undead characters talking about "being scared half to death," "being chilled to the bone," working towards something "until the day they die," or similar, expect someone to lampshade it.


  • Brook, the undead musician of the Straw Hat crew in One Piece does this constantly.
    "It's like a punch to my guts... even if I have no guts! Yohohohoho!!"
  • Many quests in World of Warcraft dealing with the Forsaken (the playable faction of undead) include puns such as these. Like most other things about the Forsaken, however, it's rarely used for comedy, and more to shine a light on the grimness of their situation.
    You must carry this burden of knowledge for the rest of your now-unnatural life.
  • The title character of Skulduggery Pleasant often runs into these traps.
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