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Cancel Attack Series
In a Fighting Game, cancelling a special attack into another special attack.
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In fighting games, using a special move usually has the disadvantage of having to wait for the animation to end before you can attack again. Some moves, however, can negate the time it takes to finish the animation. The Rekka Series is one of these.

A Rekka Series is a group of special attacks that can cancel into one another. In other words, when the character attacks with a special move, the character can then follow up with another special attack without having to wait for the animation of the previous attack to finish.

How this is used can depend on the character. In some cases, the Rekka Series only applies to one particular move in the character's move list. (i.e. the Trope Namer Fei Long's Rekkaken.) In other cases, a character might be able to cancel into any of their special moves. (i.e. Noel's Chain Revolver moves) Either way, the attack is usually limited to a certain number of specials (Most of the time it's 3) before the character is forced to drop the series and go through the recovery animation, because if the series could continue indefinitely, it would result in a Game Breaker and allow the character to infinitely attack the opponent and result in an endless Combo.

Keep in mind that in order for an attack to be a Rekka Series, the specials must cancel into each other. Meaning, if the special goes through the whole animation and the opponent is still stunned long enough to get hit by the another special, it is not this trope.

Sub trope of Lag Cancel.

  • The Trope Namer and Trope Maker is Fei Long's Rekkaken from the Street Fighter series, which had the unique property at the time of being able to hit up to three times without having to wait for the animation. It should be noted that Fei Long also has some other moves with the "rekka" title that are not this trope, like his Rekkakyaku.
  • Noel in the BlazBlue series can do this with all of her special moves, but only when her drive, Chain Revolver, is activated, and she can only do this as long as all the attacks are different. It's notable that she can use each of her special moves up to four times rather than the usual three.
  • Iron Fist in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 can cancel any of his quarter-circle moves into one another as long as they aren't the same attack twice in a row.
  • Ms. Fortune's Cat Scratch from Skullgirls can be cancelled into itself up to three times, and she also has two special moves that can end the series in either a way that can't be crouch-blocked or a way that she can't be standing-blocked. She even lampshades this trope by saying "Wreck-a your face!" or "Wreck-a your shins" when using either move respectively.
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