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When a characters horribleness is Played For Laughs.
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One of the most common character types in Black Comedy, the Comedic Monster is a character who is unabashedly horrible (often to the point of carrying a card saying so) and this is played in a very humorous light. When encountering If You're So Evil, Eat This Kitten, the immediate response is "kitten? I love delicious kittens, so good man" rather than any kind of hesitation or stoicness.

Often, the character will be Affably Evil, although the Jerk Ass is also used since they both work pretty well. If part of the hero's team, will most likely be the Token Evil Teammate. If the team leader is hesitant about how evil a character is, For The Greater Good takes over and the leader acknowledges that a monster you can point at other monsters is still making the world a slightly better place overall.

For the most part, this requires a comedic series and the series has to remain comedic. If a Knight of Cerebus shows up (and it can't be this character), it's likely that the horribleness is less likely to be played for laughs anymore.

A comical rendition of a Bad Boss usually falls into this for example, since most of their humor is from how abusive and callous they are to their underlings. See also For the Evulz and Card-Carrying Villain.



  • The Joker: Depending on the Writer, Joker will range from doing things like setting up some major crime to do something silly, or just have something horrible disguised as a joke. Much of this back and forth is to accentuate his insanity. Harley Quinn sometimes tries to be, although "Mistah J" is quick to point out where her humor is deficient.


Web Original
  • Diamanda Hagan: Diamanda plays herself as this, with how she treats the minions as disposable outlets for her sociopathy.


  • Exterminatus Now: While all of the characters are pretty darkly humorous, Lothar is the darkest and one of the craziest, particularly when drunk. At one point, he was startled awake shouting "You can't prove I ate that baby!".
  • Looking for Group: Richard, horrible undead monstrosity, killer of a thousand bunnies, and all around evil dude. Loves to sing though.
  • Eight Bit Theater: Black Mage (someone who only has an evil, more evil, and the abomination from beyond as his Good Angel, Bad Angel) and Thief (the amoral racist thief who considers people who take everything that isn't on fire or nailed down to be amateurs). To the point that their group (nominally the good guys) are in fact the largest source of evil of the comic.

Western Animation

  • American Dad!: Roger often leans as this Depending on the Writer. He is often completely heinous and remorselessly sociopathic, manipulating, harrassing or even murdering just to fit his own means or even just out of sheer boredom. It's almost all Played for Laughs however and clashes with his whiny, camp demeanor. Even the state of mind that causes him to be borderline evil is also exagerrated to comedic lengths, so much that Roger is actually physically incapable of showing basic redeeming aspects without his very being falling apart.
  • Family Guy:
  • South Park: Eric Cartman evolved from an average Jerk Ass into this of high scale. Some of his activities such bullying a child to the point of suicide and attempting to manipulate terrorist fears for his own benefit shouldn't be treated as comedy. They are.
  • The Looney Tunes Show: Daffy Duck swings in and out of this trope. It's hinted on occasion that he might actually be a decent person if he wasn't so egocentric - certainly his girlfriend Tina is willing to entertain this possibility - but he has no compunctions about mooching off of Bugs, or driving Porky to madness with his casual thoughtlessness.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball: Richard is a borderline Psychopathic Manchild, incompetent at virtually everything except making more work for everyone around him. It's worth noting that he is even less sympathetic than the sinister teacher, the school bully who happens to be a T-Rex, and the grumpy neighbors in a perpetual Masochism Tango. Any one of them would probably make show-stealing antagonists in any other series, but in Gumball, the closest thing the show has to a genuine antagonist is the kid's own father. That said, when he's not acting the Psychopathic Manchild, he's more like a big dumb pet than anything.
  • The Simpsons: Mr Burns, Corrupt Corporate Executive and frequent Card-Carrying Villain that Marge once described as having no "inner beauty". Of course this is all in the form of a frail old man with a ridiculously outdated state of mind. Even his attempts to be good are completely (and humorously) vile in execution.
  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Dr Robotnik often manages to be his most flamboyant and deranged in his attempts to be as vile and merciless a villain as possible.
    Robotnik:: Happiness is all the more enjoyable when it's based on the misery of millions!
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Mr Krabs in later episodes, while how cruel he acts is a case of Depending on the Writer, a lot of episodes tend to overplay humor based on how supervillainously greedy and apathetic he is.
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