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Always Know A Pilot
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In times of disaster, when immediate escape is necessary, or the hero is in need of transportation to confront the evil causing the mayhem, it is invaluable that he has, over the course of his past adventures, met and befriended a pilot. The pilot may be an ace pilot, or he may have just had a few lessons (he may have missed a few), either way his services are called upon and, usually reluctantly, he accepts the challenge. In many cases he will die, or be thought dead when he chooses to go down with his ship.


  • Dude Hennick from Terry and the Pirates. Dude is a frat brother of Pat Ryan's and Pat happens to run into him at the airport in Hong Kong at the exact point when he needs a pilot.

  • Rick recruits the services of Winston in The Mummy.
  • In The Mummy Returns when Rick gets his old friend Izzy to fly him and his family in pursuit of Imhotep
  • Twenty Twelve: When John Cussack and his family force the reluctant Gordon to pilot a small plane and later a much bigger plane.
  • In The Incredibles, Helen Parr borrows a plane from her pilot friend. The original draft(s) of the movie, though, had this trope being played perfectly straight, up to and including the pilot dying as a sort of Wham Line.
  • Independence Day: The military is so devastated that there is literally a call for anyone with prior piloting experience. Randy Quaid's doofy dad character has experience with.... crop dusting? As a bonus, the President reveals that he too was once a pilot and will be joining the fight.
  • Mars Attacks!. Byron Williams rescues Tom Jones from Martians. He needs a pilot to fly him to Washington D.C., and it turns out that Tom Jones knows how to fly a plane!

Western Animation
  • This trope was played for laughs in Kim Possible. She would get rides from people who would always say, "Oh, this little favor is nothing compared to..." and list some sort of Noodle Incident that she helped them out with.
  • The Simpsons: Mel Gibson sneaks into town to check on the progress of his Film Preview.
    Hannah (a marketing person): How'd you get here from L. A. so fast?
    Gibson: John Travolta flew me in his jet. Now I have to help him move next weekend. He deliberately waited until we were in the air to ask me.

Video Games
  • In 'Deus Ex'', J.C. Denton can befriend a pilot who turns out to be his chopper pilot. He can die, or you can deliver the narmiest line ever.

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