Mighty Male, Fast Female
A dynamic with pairing a strong guy and a agile, flexible girl.
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It's when a strong male character is paired with an agile Action Girl as an Action Duo. Women don't tend to be as physically strong as men, so they tend to make up for that with agility and reflexes. You can expect said women to have lots of Waif-Fu.

Sub-Trope to Men Are Tough and Women Are Delicate. May or may not be part of Battle Couple.

Compare Guys Smash, Girls Shoot for another way the gender roles play in fighting.


Comic Books
  • Marvel Comics' duo Cloak & Dagger are composed of Cloak, a Mighty Glacier type hero paired with Dagger, a Fragile Speedster type with She-Fu. Cloak enfolds villains and mooks in the darkness of his cloak, wherein they come face-to-face with their own wickedness. Baddies emerge quivering, terrified wrecks. Dagger is an angelic young woman who has had ballet and dance lessons, and can fling "light-knives" that can cause villainous BSOD, or "cure" substance addiction.
  • DC Comics: The 90's version of the team Hawk and Dove featured a male Hawk whose strategy usually consisted of wading in and punching his opponent as hard as possible, and a female Dove who was weaker but more agile and much more subtle in her strategy.

Film Live Action

Video Games

Web Original
  • The People Are Awesome youtube video features lots of clips where men do amazing sports activities or potentially dangerous stunts, while the few clips with women all focus on their flexibility.
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