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Evil Transduction

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I can't believe noone ever mentioned this... well, they did, but I can't believe they didn't consider it a trope.

Ok, the name I choose is just what you'd get according to this trope if the name in spanish were "mala traduccion", or Bad translation.

Nowadays, it's hard to see one example of this, but, back in the 80s and in the 90s, videogame, anime, comics (out of Japan and america) were totally non mainstream, which meant that some translators didn't even worry about, well, translating, and they pulled some cases of stupid google translation, or just a string of nonsense.

Examples of this:

Spanish translation of Space Hulk is one of most egregious examples you'll ever see. It had crap like "si move no fire" (which turned to be a Good Bad Translation), even if it's not fully translated, and makes no sense at all. Also had the inffamous, and just understood by bilinguals by translating it to englisn "Giro 19, Izquierda 1), translated from "Turn 19, Left 1". While the translation is TECHNICALLY correct (yes, turn CAN mean giro, and left CAN mean izquierda), it makes no sense in the context, since izquierda is left, yes, but in the sense of the HAND, not in the sense of remaining. And turn means giro, yes, but in the sense of what you do with the car.

Magic The Gathering: Spanish 1st and 2nd edition had to be checked card by card with english version. It was not understandable.

Parodied in Adventurers!, where they think that the translator just run out of cofee. Sadly, I can't remember the strip number, but if involved something among the lines of Ardam saying "Troubles be in great, danger lurk. We be going, yeah, must?", or some weird crap like that.
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